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Gwen - Kevin - Ben} oh no

In which I do a character study of cartoon teenagers! With music!

No, but seriously, I noticed that Gwen, Ben, and (kinda!) Kevin have sort of been heading the exact opposite direction of their younger counterparts. Gwen, with her magic using ("I'd be unstoppable! ...or, I guess I could just be me."), Ben with his self centered attitude ("Well I'm over being a hero, if this is how I turn out! I am such a jerk!") and his it's-all-up-to-me-I-cannot-fail attitude, and Kevin just has his general I'm-untrustworthy-and-don't-deserve-friends-but-I-want-people-to-like-me issues ("This is like one of those dreams where everyone you know is in it, and they're all trying to hurt you.").

Bigger, more rambling-like explanation in the video description, if you want. So, yeah! I hope you like it, and I've got 100% BeVin vids coming up.

Music: Marina and the Diamonds - Oh No!
Ships: Briefly implied Charm/Gwen and some light Ben/Kevin subtext.
Note: Although I already knew about the song beforehand, this video is partially inspired by this TAR video, in case you were wondering.

I know exactly what I want // and who I want to be

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dave - shot for shot

>>> avoid detection

My dad is outside. I knew he'd be arriving today - or at least, he said he'd be arriving today, but mom predicted that he wouldn't make it today, or possibly any day at all.

He did, though, and now he's waiting outside, presumably for someone to get home and let him in.

This is because he doesn't know I am home. I arrived minutes before him, thanks to a peculiarly early bus and avoided detection when he knocked.

I shall spare you my brief stint as a ninja while checking up on him in the backyard.

The reason for all this is because mom doesn't want him back in the house, and I do not want him back in this house. I do not want to alert him to my presence, only to let him know that he is not welcome. I am hiding because I simply don't want to deal with the potential family drama.

I just wish he'd come after I made something to eat. At least I've still got M's chocolate she gave me, but that is not a proper meal, and feels like a waste of perfectly fine chocolate.

oh god damn I am so hungry dad why did you have to arrive so early today why does there have to be family conflicts ahhh
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Stop being a fuckass and let me use my custom content I spent hours picking over and downloading.
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'Cause you can't buy a house in heaven // this song is ace



:D :D :D

Also Jo/Lady Gaga is my OTP. Fight me!

Don't mind me have no reason to make a dumb post I just like rain and I'm in a good mood good D/T fic good weather how can I not be happy

Oh shit since it's raining that means I don't have to water the yard again. Score!

Edit: And we get thunder too. Rad.
dave - shot for shot

I just shot a man down / youtube fights are never worth it

Me: points out the fact that rape isn't about sex and clothing does not drive logic and morals from a guy's head.

Cue ten messages of "no, it really does have to do with sex! because when men see sexy women their first instinct is to rape them! no really, let me tell you how slutty outfits drive men to rape!"

kladnslkds why do I even bother. You people are a dissappointment to the human race. You go sit in the corner and be quiet.
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dave - be chill and listen to some tunes

it's a nice taste but it hurts my throat agghhh

There is such a thing as kinktionary


Mature person's response: This will be an excellent opportunity for studying kinks and why a person bluh bluh bluh.
My response: gimme gimme gimme!

No really, I just wanted to know wtf is up with toothbrush kink. (Thanks Kink Meme!)

Also there is a fire somewhere upwind of my house. I can smell and taste it. Taste itttttt.