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>>> avoid detection

My dad is outside. I knew he'd be arriving today - or at least, he said he'd be arriving today, but mom predicted that he wouldn't make it today, or possibly any day at all.

He did, though, and now he's waiting outside, presumably for someone to get home and let him in.

This is because he doesn't know I am home. I arrived minutes before him, thanks to a peculiarly early bus and avoided detection when he knocked.

I shall spare you my brief stint as a ninja while checking up on him in the backyard.

The reason for all this is because mom doesn't want him back in the house, and I do not want him back in this house. I do not want to alert him to my presence, only to let him know that he is not welcome. I am hiding because I simply don't want to deal with the potential family drama.

I just wish he'd come after I made something to eat. At least I've still got M's chocolate she gave me, but that is not a proper meal, and feels like a waste of perfectly fine chocolate.

oh god damn I am so hungry dad why did you have to arrive so early today why does there have to be family conflicts ahhh
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