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Gwen - Kevin - Ben} oh no

In which I do a character study of cartoon teenagers! With music!

No, but seriously, I noticed that Gwen, Ben, and (kinda!) Kevin have sort of been heading the exact opposite direction of their younger counterparts. Gwen, with her magic using ("I'd be unstoppable! ...or, I guess I could just be me."), Ben with his self centered attitude ("Well I'm over being a hero, if this is how I turn out! I am such a jerk!") and his it's-all-up-to-me-I-cannot-fail attitude, and Kevin just has his general I'm-untrustworthy-and-don't-deserve-friends-but-I-want-people-to-like-me issues ("This is like one of those dreams where everyone you know is in it, and they're all trying to hurt you.").

Bigger, more rambling-like explanation in the video description, if you want. So, yeah! I hope you like it, and I've got 100% BeVin vids coming up.

Music: Marina and the Diamonds - Oh No!
Ships: Briefly implied Charm/Gwen and some light Ben/Kevin subtext.
Note: Although I already knew about the song beforehand, this video is partially inspired by this TAR video, in case you were wondering.

I know exactly what I want // and who I want to be

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