dave - shot for shot

we are motherfucking plot relevant




This makes that one joke piece of Gamzee/Sollux fanart I have extremely funny, however.

PS: Also I made three icons. Three shitty icons! IN PAINT!
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dave - shot for shot

and we sound like...


This song speaks to me okay it is my life; deep and insightful

Okay all joking aside it's stuck in my head and I can't get it out. Send help.
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dave - be chill and listen to some tunes

it's human and alien, fyi

My mom popped up and tried to look at my tumblr and I had to awkwardly ninja around tumblr like hey no mom really my dashboard totes isn't covered in gay interspecies porn shhhh go away now just 5 million dancing gifs here

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dave - shot for shot

you're gonna get run over by a car

I hate this town (sometimes) and I hate this neighborhood (forever) because when I don't clearly hear people breaking into fights at 3 in the morning I always just hear people screaming or crying or howling hysterically and it's like what are you being raped are you being mugged should I call the cops

and when I finally stop gazing into space while trying to make out the sounds I get up and open the window and of course they've gone silent

one day I'm gonna wake up to police sirens and someone being dragged away in a body bag and it will be awful

greatest annoying fear right there

see right there I just heard some chick shout


okay mystery fucking solved. wow sound really carries well across the street at night. some shrieky girl and some shhh-ing guy went scrambling in to a house like whoa guys you are so stealthy can you teach me to be that stealthy
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dave - shot for shot

like the size of a quarter



And also a new dream:

Me: You know, I think he's after you because you're a virgin.
Girl in Dream: omg how could you say that I'm so tired and angry and scared and you're just a
Me: I'm just sayin'.

*follows girl into cluttered room that is very dark*

Me: Oh, Ashley*, and one more thing?
Girl: What?
Me: This is a dream.
Girl: *turns into A MASK. WHAT.*

And then I wandered outside, admiring the dream scenery and woke up.

*seriously what the fuck did I call her that for, she never told me her name
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dave - shot for shot

what is going on

Michaela what the fuck we have a test in class today and you're not here and it started at 9:10 and now it's 9:20 and are you sleeping or dead or in a wreck somewhere because you're not picking up your phone and ahahaklsdfhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

9:25 My despair is reaching all new heights.

9:30 oh my fucking god, pick up your phone fuuuuuuck